• Winter's Breath

    A continuing evolution…an exploration in the abstracted representation of realism. As in the Chroma Series, choosing only three pigments and working in the monochromatic scale...this time with dominant light greys and white, accented with dark greys and browns. In this new series, I strive to embrace the inherent serenity of a landscape...a balance between the layered textural and visual elements of these compositions.

  • Chroma

    Moving beyond the graphic detail and realism of my earlier paintings and drawings, I am now finding great joy in exploring the drama of abstract representation in this new series I call "Chroma". Using techniques developed in my original abstract explorations, I use a variety of acrylic mediums to create texture, by sculpting and painting on the canvas. My goal is to embrace the inherent vigor of every representation through composition and the use of bold mono chromatic pigments…the dominant black with white, accented with browns and greys.

  • Acrylic Skins

    A fun diversion in technique…a variation on popular mixed media methods…but staying true to the tradition of only pigments on canvas, through the use of poured and cured skins, adhered with acrylic based mediums. The joy of collage…enhanced with brushed background…a world of illusions to explore.

  • Abstract

    I love to experiment with different techniques, paints, colour and acrylic mediums to create texture. Playing with these combinations, I have created images that are non-representational, or abstracted in style.

  • Landscape

    Most of my landscape paintings are recreations from personal photographs. Many of these are scenes from my community in Unionville, Ontario. This is a composite of acrylic or watercolor paintings, depicted on either canvas or paper.

  • Floral

    On close observation of a flower, I am amazed by the intricacies of pattern and color.. I enjoy the challenge against time...recreating the delicate beauty before the flower fades. These still life illustrations are created on paper or canvas, using color pencils, acrylic or watercolor paint.